Additional Programs

Sexual Misconduct Treatment Program

The Sexual Misconduct Treatment Program is designed for youth ages 12-18 who demonstrate sexually abusive behaviors. The program offers assessment and outpatient services, including group, individual, and family therapy to assist youth in developing alternatives to acting out sexually and address the underlying issues that may have contributed to their misconduct. The treatment process is tailored to youths’ developmental level and relies heavily on the involvement of parents.

Residential Treatment Program

The Residential Treatment Program is available to males ages 13-17, who have acted out in a sexual manner and require an intensive level of care in a safe and nurturing environment. Located in a residential neighborhood, this 24-hour facility offers youth comprehensive, sex-offense specific treatment in a staff-secure setting. The program focuses on preventing further victimization, while allowing youth to learn and practice pro-social coping and interpersonal skills. Residents are involved in a structured routine of individual, group, and family therapy to address their treatment needs and goals. Recreational activities are also provided to facilitate the therapeutic process.

A Day Treatment alternative is available to youth who are in need of a partial services level of care based on the risk of the individual and community safety.

Comprehensive Child & Adolescent Assessment (CCAA)

A program that provides non-residential psychological evaluations to youth in the Juvenile Justice System.


A program that provides suicide assessments and transitional counseling services to youth detained in the Lancaster County Youth Services Center.

Youth Assessment Center

Child Guidance Center therapists provide mental health and substance abuse assessments to youth in the community and Juvenile Justice System at the Youth Assessment Center, located at the Lancaster County Youth Services Center.

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