Outpatient Clinic

Child Guidance Center is the largest provider of children’s outpatient mental health services in Lincoln. Over 20 master’s level outpatient therapists and psychologists provide assessment and counseling services to youth ages 1-19 and their families.

Outpatient services are available to any child with mental, emotional, or behavioral issues—large or small. Services range from brief, solution-oriented counseling to intensive long-term psychotherapy.

Treatment planning may include:

  • Individual therapy- Private one-on-one 50 minute therapy sessions. 
  • Family therapy- 50 minute sessions include parents and siblings, intending to assist the youth by promoting positive family functioning.
  • Group therapy- Clients participate in a learning process with other youth who are dealing with similar issues. Groups are available to at-risk pre-adolescent and adolescent girls, as well as adolescent boys who have acted out sexually.
  • Play and art therapy- Sessions designed to allow children to express emotions and resolve trauma through interactive play and creation of art.

Therapists are assigned to clients based on area of expertise. Therapy sessions are scheduled once-per-week or as necessary.

Although the primary identified client is the child, intervention is most effective when the parents are actively involved in the process. Family therapy is a critical component of successful treatment. Individual therapy is available to parents of youth when adult issues are negatively affecting the child.

The outpatient facility employs a clinical staff fluent in Spanish and Vietnamese, as well as a clinician trained to work with deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to meet the needs of Lincoln’s richly diverse community. Interpreter services may be arranged to accommodate other ethnic groups.